How to Take Cialis 20mg: Taking Tadalafil The Correct Way

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Tadalafil, the erectile dysfunction drug we all know as Cialis has been a prescription drug until November 2017 when Eli Lilly the company behind the brand Cialis lost their patent. This has allowed other companies to start manufacturing generic versions of tadalafil.

The production of generic versions of tadalafil has allowed men to get this drug as an “over the counter” drug which has allowed them to use it without an official prescription from a doctor or a health professional. This has often led to a lot of confusion among these men as they don’t know what the correct dosage of the drug is.

In order to try and understand how to take the Cialis they get from online pharmacies, many males are turning to the web to look for answers. Tadalafil is a drug that is used in treating various health defects which are especially found in men. A major health defect that Cialis has been know to rectify for years is erectile dysfunction. There is only one question that has been bothering men who want to start using tadalafil recently. The question is: how well does Cialis work?

How Well Does Cialis Work? Customer Reviews

FDA approved tadalafil for human consumption back in 2003. Since then, Cialis has been on the market for more than a decade. During this time period, a lot of men have used the drug and they have confirmed that it works.

Tadalafil, when taken in the correct way has three health benefits. These are as follows:

  • Curing impotence. This is a health defect that many people know as erectile dysfunction. This sexual problem is usually characterized by males lacking the ability to obtain and maintain an erection. This problem is currently affecting more than 52% of males who are sexually active. To solve this problem, doctors have been recommending the use of Cialis. On using Cialis, men have reported improved ability to gain and keep an erection.
  • Helping men who can’t ejaculate during sex. Many young men who are looking to father kids have this condition which is also referred to as orgasmic dysfunction. On starting to use Cialis or generic tadalafil, these men have reported increased ability to ejaculate.
  • Cialis has been known to help men dealing with problems that arise from having an enlarged prostate. This drug helps these men get rid of symptoms that usually arise from having this condition which is also referred to as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

To prove to you that tadalafil actually works, let’s look at what men who have used it are saying:

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Customer Reviews for Cialis 20 mg

This user found that Cialis helped him achieve a solid erection within 30 minutes after taking it. He found that Cialis lasted longer and he even had another erection in the morning 9 hours later.


Customer Satisfaction with Cialis 20mg

The user noticed that the drug took only 30 minutes to work. After a mild stimulation, he was able to achieve a huge erection and proceeded to enjoy the best sex with his wife. He was able to achieve an orgasm himself.

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Cialis Review

Mike R. reports that since he started using tadalafil, he is now able to get an erection and keep it. He reports that he is very satisfied.

As evident from the above reviews, Cialis usually works. But in order for it to work, you must use it at the correct dosage. But, what is this correct dosage?

How to Take Cialis 5mg

Taking Cialis is easy. All that you need is a glass of water and the actual pill that you want to take. Cialis works better when you take it while your stomach is empty. But, if you prefer to take it after you have already eaten, that also works, although it will take longer for you to realize the results.


Cialis 20mg Tablets

The dosage by which to take tadalafil is the one thing that confuses men now that they have the ability to acquire it online without any prescription. The recommended dosage for those starting to use tadalafil for the first time is the 10-mg tablet. This can be decreased by your health professional to 5 mg or it can be increased to 20 mg depending on how your body reacts to the starting dosage.

For patients who want to be taking tadalafil every day, the recommended dosage is 2.5 mg. One thing to note is that tadalafil can only be taken once within a period of 24 hours. The reason behind this is that it takes 36 hours for tadalafil to get out of your system after you first ingest it. Taking tadalafil more than once a day can only be considered as an overdose and it is not recommended. If you do not take Cialis as recommended by the doctor, the following are the side effects that you may experience.

Cialis 20mg Side Effects

In the majority of users, tadalafil does not have any side effects. But, for some users who reported any side effects, these side effects were very mild. They include a mild headache, flushing, stomach upset, nausea and a stuffy nose.


Various Forms of Generic Tadalafil

Some of the major side effects that are very rare usually arise from overdosing. Also, one thing that men don’t know is that they should not take Cialis together with alcohol as the two don’t relate well. Taking these two together will lead to side effects like dizziness, headaches, and an increased heart rate that can lead to heart attack.

If you do take tadalafil as recommended by your health professional, you won’t experience any of the aforementioned side effects. If you do get your tadalafil from online pharmacies or what is referred to as over the counter, it is essential that you consult a health professional before using the drug.


Taking Cialis is very easy. All you need to do is talk to a health professional who can be able to help you know which dosage is correct for you. Getting Cialis or generic tadalafil has been made very easy by the availability of generic tadalafil.

Nowadays, you can be able to order generic tadalafil from your computer while you sit comfortably at home. There are online pharmacies that can deliver to you your drug without that much of a hustle. One thing to note is that you should never trust all pharmacies you find online. Some of these pharmacies just want to rip you off your money while others will deliver counterfeit drugs which can harm your health.

To make sure that you don’t go through all this, we have taken our time to investigate a number of online pharmacies. We have then compiled the e-pharmacies that we have found trustworthy in a list. You should only use the pharmacies on our list to order your tadalafil.

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