Splitting 20 Mg Cialis

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These days, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is no longer much of a problem, thanks to ED treatment drugs like Cialis. As you probably know by now, Cialis is an effective drug in treating ED. The dosages available for this drug include the 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg, but the most demanded dose is the 20 mg. The efficacy of the 20 mg dosage lasts in the body for up to 36 hours giving it an edge over other ED treatment drugs.

Viagra is more or less the most popular drug, but it is reported that virtually everyone who has tried Viagra has tried Cialis, they have just about the same success rate, and many people favor Cialis over Viagra. When patients start out the use of Cialis, they are always advised to begin with the 10 mg dosage. But as you know we human beings are all rational consumers and we are always in search of ways to be better off, ways to get the best deal, ways to pay less yet get more. This is why we have chosen to address ‘splitting 20 mg Cialis’ in this article, so sit tight and read on.

Can You Break 20 Mg Cialis in Half?

We see from time to time people asking this question. They wonder if it is possible to break Cialis 20 mg in half. They wonder if the drug would lose its potency when broken in half. Some also fear that it might not be as effective as it should be. No worries we would address all that, but first, let us go through why people split their Cialis 20 mg tablet real quick.

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Split Cialis Pill

The first reason why patients consider or should consider splitting pills is that it saves money. Often times the cost of higher doses of prescription drugs like Cialis is about the same price with the lower dose. So, the rational thing patients do is to get a prescription from their doctor for a higher dose, they get the higher dose, go home and split them in half. Hence getting two tablets with the price of one. Like in the case of Cialis where it is advised that you should begin with 10 mg, you get a prescription for 20 mg, you go home and split them in half, and end up with two 10 mg Cialis for the price of one. The second reason is that the insurance of many patients covers a certain number of Cialis pills no matter the dosage e.g. 6 Cialis pills. So, the rational thing such patients do is to get the 6 20 mg Cialis pills and go home to split each tablet into two, thereby, ending up with 12 pills.

Now, can you break 20 mg Cialis in half? Absolutely! It is safe to break it in half as long as you do it the right way with the right implement. We are going to show you the right way to split your Cialis 20 mg in the latter part of this article. Splitting Cialis 20 mg would not affect the potency or efficacy of the drug. Doctors even advise patients on several occasions to split Cialis in half, hence proving that splitting Cialis the right way would have no effect on drug potency or efficacy.

Cialis Pill Splitter

Splitting Cialis should not be a difficult task for you, it is quite simple and straightforward. The only thing is that you have got to use a pill splitter which can be gotten in a pharmacy or drugstore for about $5. Using a kitchen knife to split your Cialis pill or any other household implement would not split it into equal halves. The essence of splitting the pill would be rendered null if a pill is not divided into equal halves.

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Pill Splitter

Furthermore, here are tips to consider when splitting your Cialis 20 mg:

•    First, consult with your doctor before splitting pill.

•    Ensure you split the pill into two equal halves.

•    Use a splitter and not a knife or any other household tool.

•    Split one pill at a time. Do not spill the whole container at once as it could mar efficacy.

•    Do not split the pill into smaller pieces as it could reduce efficacy or may not work at all. Splitting drug into two equal halves is the right way to go.

•    Keep drug away from contaminants.

These above are tips to consider in order to split pills the right way. They would enable you to secure the potency and efficacy of your Cialis tablet.

Is Cialis a Time Release Pill?

A time release pill is one that is released over time in the body. They are drugs that are dissolved over time in the body and are released slowly but steadily into the bloodstream, reducing the frequency of the need to take the drug. These sort of drugs cannot be split for the sole reason that splitting them could lead to an overdose.

Luckily, Cialis is not a time release pill, thus, it can be split in half. Examples of time release pills include birth control pills, Oxycodone, Cetirizine etc.


Cialis 20 mg is effective in treating ED and could be your best bet in treating ED. Cialis 20 mg can be split into two equal halves turning the 20 mg tablet into two 10 mg tablets. This is your best shot at saving cash when talking about Cialis. However, ensure splitting is done the right way using a pill splitter. We also advise that if you are getting your Cialis online beware of scammers and illicit platforms that offer counterfeit drugs. Finally, ensure you check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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