When to Take Cialis 20mg for Best Results

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The time to use Cialis is a frequently asked question by new users of the drug. One thing to keep in mind is that Cialis has two types of dosages; the daily dosage and the as-needed dosage. These two doses vary in time of consumption and quantity of tablet taken. The daily dosage of Cialis often involves consuming a pill of Cialis each day. It is used routinely at a specific time each day. The tablet sizes in this dosage are the 2.5 mg and the 5 mg tablets. The standard daily dosage for starters is the 2.5 mg. It is only increased to 5 mg if the patient is not satisfied with the results of the 2.5 mg dosage. The daily dosage involves taking the pill at regular interval each day. If you skip a dose, you should not consume two tablets the following day. Just continue with the dosage to avoid complications that arise from an overdose. The as-needed dosage is not far-fetched. The patient is to consume the pill when he is about to have sexual intercourse.

The size of this dosage is larger than the size of the daily dosage. The tablet sizes for this dosage are 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. The standard for patients is the 10 mg tablet. However, it is increased to 20 mg if the patient is not getting the desired effectiveness. It is also reduced to 5 mg if the patient is unable to tolerate the drug. The as-needed dosage involves taking the medication some 30 minutes before having sexual intercourse. The dosage lasts for about 36 hours in the body. It is safer to avoid using the drug twice within that time frame. The patient might develop some severe side effects that he might not be able to tolerate. Each quantity plays an essential role in taking the Cialis drug, and they have their different effectiveness. The patient should inform his doctor before he begins any of the dosages. The doctor would need his health information, his pattern of life and the type of food he eats, to determine whether he should use the drug and the form of dosage he is to follow. It is, therefore, safe to say that the patient should ensure that he adheres to a regular pattern and time interval when on the daily dosage, and to consume the drug 30 minutes before sexual intercourse for the as-needed dosage.

Can I Take 40 mg Cialis?

No. For starters, the 10 mg dosage is the standard. When a patient sees a doctor, the doctor would recommend the dosage that fits him perfectly. The effectiveness of Cialis differs in men. Some men might require a 5 mg dosage on a daily basis while some would require a 20 mg dosage only when he is about to engage in sexual activity. Not understanding this concept brings a misconception to some men that the drug is not sufficient. A man that needs 20 mg of Cialis and takes 5 mg would assume that the drug is not efficient enough. It would be correct in some cases. Some patients have this misconception that the more you take, the more efficient the drug is. Sadly, this would only lead to adverse effects that are very severe. Therefore, the 40 mg dosage is not a medically acceptable dosage. It has no tablet form, and it involves the patient mixing two 20 mg tablets. It is plainly an overdose. The 20 mg dosage is the prescription given in rare cases where the 10 mg is not producing the required results. It is the highest dosage of Cialis. Taking 40 mg of Cialis would only lead to more harm than good, and it is much safer not to use it.

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Cialis 20 mg

Cialis 20 mg Side Effects

The side effects of the 20 mg dosage are usually as a result of some allergies, overdose, and some other factors. Every drug has side effects, either mild or severe. The less severe side effects of Cialis are not easily noticed and can be mistaken for the side effects of other cases like stress. The adverse reactions can manifest in the form of headaches, neck or chest, redness of the face, problems with memory, sneezing or a sore throat, stuffy nose, diarrhea, upset stomach, back pains and overall muscle pains. The severe side effects are more pronounced and are easily noticeable. They include vision loss or deterioration of vision, chest, arm and shoulder pains, irregularity of heartbeat rate, seizures, swollen hands and feet, ringing in the ears or loss of hearing, short breaths, fainting or light-headedness, painful or lasting erections. The patient should report any of these side effects to the PCP as soon as possible to ensure that they do not lead to permanent damages to the body. Other side effects not mentioned might occur. It is safer for the patient to report to a doctor immediately he notices any symptoms of side effects.

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Generic Cialis 20 mg

Does Cialis Make You Last Longer?

The primary purpose of Cialis is to make erectile dysfunction patients have erections. The effectiveness of Cialis has proved to make the patient have erections, and also last longer. In most cases, the Cialis product lasts in the body for up to 36 hours. During this time interval, the patient would encounter strong erections like usual and probably even better. The effects of the Cialis begin between 30 minutes to one hour of consuming the drug and lasts for 36 hours. You can rest assured that the erections you get from this effect make you last longer because Cialis has proved to more potent than most erectile dysfunction drugs today.


The Cialis drug has two methods of consumption. The daily pattern and the as-needed dosage. These two dosages differ in time of use, the method of use, size of tablet consumed and several other factors. The best thing to do is to see a doctor to give the prescription that would work best for you. You should check out our Top List of Online Pharmacies for affordable prices of Cialis.

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