Buy Viagra Online with Echeck: The Easiest Way to Buy Viagra

If you ask any man who had to deal with the inability to get and maintain an erection what saved his sex life, the answer that you will be getting is Viagra. Sildenafil citrate the main component found in Viagra has been saving a lot of relationships and marriages.

Due to Pfizer losing their patent for Viagra, an opportunity presented itself for major pharmaceutical companies to start manufacturing sildenafil citrate. The production of generic sildenafil citrate has made it possible for men to get access to Viagra at affordable prices.

On top of men accessing sildenafil citrate at a price that they can afford, nowadays, this drug is available online. The Viagra that Pfizer manufactures is a drug that requires you to have a doctor’s prescription before you can get access to it. This disqualifies it as a drug that you can acquire online.

Generic sildenafil citrate, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to have any prescription from a health professional. Thus, you can purchase it online. Some men like to call this drug an “over the counter” drug due to this simple fact.

But, if you have to buy something online, you need to pay for it. This applies to Viagra too. Men who want to start getting Viagra from online pharmacies want to know how they can pay for the drug safely. One method that can be applied in buying Viagra online and paying for it in a safe and secure way is through the use of Echeck.

Viagra Pay by ECheck

The first question that the majority of males will need an answer for is what is Echeck? Echeck is a short form of Electronic Check. This means that this is an electronic version of a paper check that you can use to make payments online.

A lot of online pharmacies usually offer this as a method to allow you to pay for your sildenafil citrate. For you to pay for your Viagra through the use of this method you only need three things. These include;

  • Your bank routing number – This will typically be the bank account number of the online drugstore from which you are ordering your Viagra.
  • Your bank account number – Of course you need to have your own account from which the money to pay for your sildenafil citrate will be taken.
  • The name of your bank account- This is self-explanatory.

Before you make your purchase, you need to make sure that your bank account has enough money. This is important because if you don’t have enough cash in your bank account, your transaction will not succeed.

Another question that has been bothering men who wish to pay for their Viagra as soon as possible so that they can start enjoying their improved sex life is whether this method is secure. Let’s look at whether the method is actually secure.

Buying Viagra Online with Echeck is it Secure?

You can never know whether something is secure before you know it actually works. So, how does Echeck work?

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generic sildenafil citrate

Echeck has been around for years now. Many people have already used it and testified to the fact that it works. This method of payment combines security, speed, and processing efficiency. The process for paying with an Echeck works as follows:

  • You “write” the check using one of the available electronic devices. Once you are done writing, you give this check to your pharmacy where you are purchasing your drugs electronically.
  • The drugstore will “deposit” your check and receive the credit. Your bank will then “clear” the Echeck to the paying bank. All this happens electronically.
  • The paying bank will review the Echeck and then “charge” your account for the check.
  • Your drugstore will receive the money and then your drugs will be shipped immediately.

The process outlined above has been tried a numerous number of times and hence it works. One thing that you need to note when you decide to buy sildenafil citrate from online drugstores is that you need to buy from our list of recommended drugstores.

The reason is that although buying Viagra online with an Echeck is safe, the online community is filled with scammers. These are people who are waiting to steal from Viagra. They will lie to you, manipulate you and then once you make your payment, they will disappear with your cash. This is the sole reason you have to use our recommended online pharmacies. You don’t want to lose your money or get fake drugs delivered to you.

Cheap Viagra Online

It is not the same as it was before 2013. Before 2013, you had to go to a doctor and request him or her to give you a prescription for Viagra. After you get this prescription, you had to get sildenafil citrate from the pharmacy that your doctor recommended to you.

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Generic Viagra

These pharmacies usually took advantage of the fact that men didn’t have any other option and sold this drug for a price that many men could not afford. With companies producing generic sildenafil citrate, acquiring this drug online is very easy and cheap.

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Generic Viagra Price

Through the use of payments methods like Echeck, you can get this drug delivered to you within a few days. In order for you to see how cheap Viagra is when you buy it online, let’s look at the prices:

  • To get access 10 pills, you only pay $36
  • For thirty days’ worth of Viagra (30 pills), you part with $55
  • 60 pills you will have to pay $82
  • 90 pills go for $111
  • The price for 120 pills is $140

You get free registered mail shipping for 10 to 15 days and additional 10 pills also for free if you purchase 60, 90 and 120 pills. Note that if you want these kinds of deals, you have to purchase through our recommended online drugstores.


Buying Viagra online through the use of Echeck is a safe method. We actually recommend you to do so. The only way that this method can become unsafe is if you purchase you viagra from online drugstores that are not our list of recommended pharmacies.

You don’t want to have to deal with negative health effects that arise from using drugs that contain the wrong active ingredient. This is what the majority of the online pharmacies will deliver to you. These drugs are usually referred to as counterfeit drugs. Other online pharmacies will just disappear with your money.

Ordering from our recommended list comes with several advantages. These include getting access to great deals that include cheap viagra and free shipping. Also, our TOP List of Pharmacies offers quick and timely delivery. Order your viagra today and start rocking your sex life.