Blood Pressure Pills and Viagra

Blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are both a commonly related topic, this is because erectile dysfunction drugs are known to reduce high blood pressure. And on the other hand many blood pressure treatment drugs have a side effect of erectile dysfunction. Many users of blood pressure pills complain that they are unable to achieve or maintain an erection. Viagra does not only treat erectile dysfunction it is also widely known to treat pulmonary hypertension which refers to a high blood pressure in the lungs. This is the relationship between blood pressure pills and Viagra as they can both be used to reduce the hypertension. Viagra does this by relaxing the muscles and expanding the arteries to allow blood flow easily thus reducing the work done by the heart, thus, reducing the risk of a heart disease. So does blood pressure pills referred to as alpha blockers work; they dilate (widen) the arteries for ease in blood flow. Take a look at more information on blood pressure pills and Viagra and their relationship to erectile dysfunction.

High Blood Pressure Viagra

Like we stated earlier Viagra and high blood pressure can be said to be related. This is because the drug was originally formulated for the treatment of high blood pressure. History tells us that, Viagra was initially created for the sole purpose of reducing hypertension through the widening of the artery walls for easy blood flow to reduce the pressure of the heart thereby dropping the heart rate and treating heart disease and it also relaxes the muscles. Using sildenafil as an active ingredient Viagra was formed to treat high blood pressure. However, during the series of trials, patients who volunteered to try this drug for the treatment of high blood pressure reported a substantial improvement in their erection. This led to several studies on whether the active ingredient sildenafil has any relationship with the treatment of erectile dysfunction. After several studies showed that the drug could widen the blood vessels in the penis and lead to gaining a strong erection. Then the drug started being tested for the treatment of ED in men.

The efficacy of the drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction became a widely known fact and it soon became the drug every men used to treat impotence. Now you know the reason why up till date users of Viagra say that each time they use Viagra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction they feel relaxed and their blood pressure drops. Bear in mind that if you are using alpha blockers (blood pressure pills) or nitrate drugs avoid ingesting Viagra as you would experience a rapid and extreme decrease in your blood pressure.

Can High Blood Pressure Affect Erectile Dysfunction?

High blood pressure occurs when blood flows with force causing the arteries to narrow and get blocked which would obstruct blood flow thereby making the heart to do more work. This could end up causing a heart attack, kidney disease, or stroke. The question as to whether high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction is common.

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Blood Pressure Pill

As you probably know a great determinant of you achieving and maintaining an erection is by the flow of blood to the penis area. When blood pressure occurs, as we have stated there is great risk of the walls of the arteries narrowing, which makes blood flow difficult. When blood does not flow easily, it implies that there would be a form of restriction of blood flow to the penis which would hinder the penis from getting sufficient blood needed to achieve and maintain an erection. If you have an erectile dysfunction as a result of high blood pressure, the appropriate thing to do is to work on reducing your blood pressure by using drugs that treat blood pressure (alpha blockers)and also living a healthy lifestyle.

What Drugs Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

It is a known fact that certain drugs can cause impotence in men. There are a lot of drugs out there in which one of their side effects is erectile dysfunction. Drugs that treat blood pressure are known to cause erectile dysfunction. However, not all blood pressure drugs have an erectile dysfunction side effect. The common blood pressure drugs which erectile dysfunction is associated with are diuretics and beta blockers. Diuretics are pills that reduce blood pressure by inducing the passing out of water and salt through urine. Diuretics are known to do two things that affect gaining an erection. They affect the production of the sexual hormone referred to as testosterone. They also reduce the flow of blood to the penis which is necessary for an erection. Beta blockers also cause erectile dysfunction.

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Beta Blocker Pills

To avoid developing an erectile dysfunction while using these drugs ensure that you use drug exactly as prescribed by your doctor following all precautionary tips. If you still experience an erectile dysfunction after following all instructions, you might want to consider meeting your doctor to prescribe another pill to lower blood pressure. Do not be tempted to use erectile dysfunction drugs when using a drug to lower your blood pressure as it would be very harmful to your health reducing your blood pressure drastically.


Blood pressure pills and Viagra are quite similar for the fact that they can both reduce your blood pressure. This is why it is wrong for you to use blood pressure pills and Viagra together. Though Viagra is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction some people see it as a perfect drug to treat their pulmonary hypertension. To prevent the side effect of an erectile dysfunction while using blood pressure pills ensure you follow the tips in this article. Also, do yourself a favor by checking our top list of recommended pharmacies so you can be sure you are purchasing your drugs from a reliable pharmacy that would deliver authentic drugs to you at a relatively cheap rate.