Is 10mg Of Cialis Enough To Treat ED?

Cialis is one of the best medications for targeting and treating erectile dysfunction in the world today. It’s so good in fact that it has gone on to rival even Viagra, which has held its spot on top of other ED treatments for many years now. It’s quite potent, as while Viagra’s usually recommended dose is about 50 mg, Cialis comes in much smaller amounts, with 10 mg being the standard for most ED-afflicted users. But a lot of men will ask themselves, is 10 mg of this small pill really enough to get someone going for as long as advertised?

One of the most important things to remember is that everyone’s bodies operate differently. Some doses of Cialis may work perfectly for some people, but it may just be too much or little for other men. 10 mg is the standard dosage of this drug if you want to take it without a set schedule. You may also take 20 mg doses as needed if you feel like the effects of 10 mg just aren’t cutting it for your desired performance.

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If 10 mg Isn’t for you, there are Other Doses to Try Out

There are also men who can get by with doses that are as small as 2.5 mg and 5 mg, which are the weakest doses for regular Cialis pills. Both of these doses are taken for daily use and are often used by men whose ED is only a very mild case and who are sexually active with nearly daily sexual activities. It’s imperative that they are taken at around the same time each day, so as to avoid an excessive deposition of the chemicals and compounds from Cialis in the body.

The best way to figure out the right dosage for you is to consult your doctor about the matter, who will then advise you on your first recommended dose. His suggestion will be based on several factors such as the severity of your ED, your age and the state of your general health. From there, your dose can either be increased or lowered depending on your body’s response and the feedback you get from taking the drug yourself.

Cialis 10mg Reviews

As mentioned, Cialis has been a popular brand since it first debuted as an ED treatment in 2003. Eli Lilly, its developer, sought to create another ED pill to create more awareness and spur more options for ailing males. It was a relief for many men who were not able to take Viagra, either due to allergies, health condition restraints, or even financial problems. With Cialis available to men all over the globe, they finally had more choices, and the introduction of Cialis prompted many other companies to find their own niche in the ED industry and manufacture their own fine ED products.

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Along with Improving Sexual Performance, Cialis can Improve Mood, Too

Apart from being able to treat erectile dysfunction, Cialis has also been found to significantly improve the moods and quality of life of the men who have taken it. While this can easily be attributed to the fact that it improves a man’s ability to have sex and therefore will relieve them of stress and relationship problems, some studies have actually been conducted and have found results that point to the anti-depressive qualities of Tadalafil, which is the main ingredient found within every Cialis tablet.

With these and many more improvements in a man’s life, it makes sense that they would be coming to this drug again and again.

How To Take Cialis For Best Results

The way you take Cialis is vastly different from the way you would take a Viagra pill. As previously stated, Cialis has different doses, and these different doses can be taken in different ways depending on you as the consumer. Smaller doses can be used daily while larger doses are only taken when you need them. You will need to find the best schedule for your situation, and you should never take more than one tablet of your recommended dose in a 24-hour period.

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Take the Dose that Works as Long as the Side Effects Are Not Too Bad

Along with getting the maximum erection-improving effects, you should also find the dose that doesn’t induce as many side effects while still being effective. After all, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable to have amazing sex while cradling headaches and enduring stomach and muscle pain.

Cialis usually starts to work about half an hour after you take it, which means that you can pop the pill in your mouth and expect to be ready for spontaneous sex. Effects can remain for as long as 36 hours, though 24 hours is the average for most men. The right balance should be struck between potency and adverse effects, and this varies for men of different backgrounds.


There are a million and more men out there who are using 10 mg Cialis to treat ED for themselves and finding out that it is the perfect dose for them to feel alive and invigorated during sex again. The same number of men will also tell you that they prefer a much higher or lower dose compared to the recommended initial dose. Whatever a man’s preference, 10 mg is still a good dose to start with, especially as a first-timer to ED pills. With Cialis, you’ll be able to jump right into bed with a lover and live out the nights you’ve been dreaming of.

If you decide to purchase online, avoid any websites that will try to sell you questionable ED products over the counter. A prescription must always be obtained from your medical practitioner for this drug in order to purchase it legally. If you want to know where you can get authentic ED pills for good prices, visit the page with our listed recommendations of online vendors here.