What Does A Generic Viagra Pill Look Like: Cheap Impotence Solution

For men who have dealt with erectile dysfunction in their lives, sildenafil citrate has been one of the most important medications in their sex lives. However, up until 2013, only a very small percentage of the men who suffer from erectile dysfunction had the ability to purchase the brand Viagra since it was the only drug in the ED drug market.

The brand Viagra which is a Diamond-shaped blue pill was a drug that men who were operating under a budget couldn’t manage to buy even though they wanted to fix their sex life. Since Pfizer doesn’t hold sildenafil citrate’s patent anymore, many drugs have been on the market. Some of these drugs are counterfeits that don’t offer any benefits to users. This has caused men to search online in order to see how the genuine generic Viagra looks like.

One more thing that these men have been looking to know is whether these drugs really function just like the brand Viagra. In order to know whether the generic Viagra works the same way as the brand drug, let’s look at a comparison for both of these drugs.

Brand Viagra vs Generic Viagra

As stated earlier on in this article, the brand Viagra has a patented design which is the diamond-shaped blue pill. However, generic Viagra is known to come in different shapes and colors depending on the manufacturer. Different manufacturers give their drugs different shapes and colors. However, the most important thing is that both the brand Viagra and all the other generic drugs have the same active component. They all contain sildenafil citrate.

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Sildenafil Actavis Pill – Generic Viagra

This means that whether you decide to ingest the brand Viagra or a generic version of sildenafil citrate, the results that you will get are the same. They both have the same working mechanism which involves inhibiting the PDE5 hormone and hence directing more blood to flow to the penis. The PDE5 enzyme is responsible for destroying cyclic GMP which is responsible for keeping the blood vessels wide enough in order to allow blood to flow to the penis when stimulation occurs.

When PDE5 is no longer functional, blood gains the ability to flow and hence once any male is stimulated, blood flows to the penis and hence allowing him to gain a solid erection that lasts through the whole session. The dosage for the brand Viagra and for generic Viagra is the same. Men are always advised to start with a 50 mg pill before either decreasing or increasing the dosage depending on how their bodies react to the initial dosage. Both generic Viagra and the brand Viagra are supposed to be taken at least an hour before sex commences.

Generic Viagra Online

The best choice for purchasing generic Viagra is by acquiring it from an online store. Online stores usually provide the best prices and they deliver their drugs worldwide. If you do purchase your drug from a store that you find locally, the only drug that they have in stock is the brand Viagra. The brand Viagra is very costly. A single pill of the brand Viagra requires a buyer to part with $70. However, the price for generic Viagra is as follows when you buy it online:

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Generic Viagra 100 Mg price

As you can see, the above prices can be afforded by anyone regardless of their financial situation. The maximum price for a pill is $3.61. This does not even come anywhere close to the price you pay for a pill of the brand Viagra.

You need to note that you should not expect all the drug stores that you find online to offer the above prices. The prices that we have listed above are only available in the stores that we recommend to you. Furthermore, buying from the stores that we recommend to you offers you other benefits. You will have the ability to avoid scammers whose major aim is to steal from you. The scammers don’t care about you and they will very easily deliver fake drugs which will destroy your health even more.

Generic Viagra Side Effects

If you are serious about your health, never buy your drugs from a drugstore that you are not familiar with online. This is because you can very easily receive counterfeit drugs. Counterfeit drugs as indicated above are the leading cause of the side effects noted in patients. Aim at buying your drugs from a store that you can trust. The stores that we recommend to you are the ones that you should trust.

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Suhagra tablets

The side effects that men who use genuine drugs experience include Nausea, vomiting, Flushing, Diarrhea, and a mild headache. These usually disappear without the need for medical intervention. However, the side effects that arise as a result of misusing Generic Viagra are far too serious such that you will need to see a doctor. These include priapism, loss of eyesight, and loss of the hearing ability.


Different pills from different generic Viagra manufacturers will look different. However, in order to avoid receiving counterfeit drugs from people who pretend that they are delivering genuine generic Viagra while in the real sense what they are delivering is fake drugs, you need to ensure that you don’t order your drugs from the first store that you come across online. Stores that sell fake generic Viagra cannot be differentiated from the ones that deliver real drugs just by looking at them.

In order to save you the hustle and ensure that what you receive is real drugs, we have our list of top-rated drug stores that we recommend to you. These stores are the cheapest and at the same time, they are the safest. To ensure that you will be safe when you order from them, we have already ordered and confirmed that they deliver the real drugs. Don’t hesitate to order from these online pharmacies that we recommend to you. Avoid all the others that you find since they are all fake.